Turn your gym into a BATTLEGROUND with a cutting-edge, pre-workout formula that pumps you with energy, mental focus, "don't mess with me" mental drive, motivation, and animal like intensity.
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REBELLION explosive pre-workout supplement is a potent formula contains ingredients that promote  outrageous levels of energy, focus, and intensity so you can have your most legendary workouts  and DESTROY anything stupid enough to stand in the way of you and the VICTORY you desire and deserve. 
Laser-Focused "Take No Prisoners" Intensity
If you work out on a routine basis, then you have experienced those moments when your physical body just isn’t in the game. 

Your mind wants to hit the gym and train like a Spartan warrior, but your body just feels absolutely drained from a full day at the office or running one home errand after another. What you need is a pick-me-upper, and Rebellion is a pre-workout formula designed to do just that. 

The ingredients used in Rebellion are designed to optimize your performance and intensity in the gym while it feeds your muscles with max-results building blocks, allowing you to transform your body into a powerful, ripped masterpiece. 

Forget about shady supplements that don't list the actual amounts of ingredients they contain. At Bro Labs we tell you exactly what's in our products and in what amounts - so you aren't guessing like with other top brands.

REBELLION contains nothing but natural, safe substances that are 100% scientifically proven to enhance energy levels, increase focus, and improve muscle endurance, strength, and aerobic performance.
Clinically Tested.
Exceptionally Effective.

The efficacy of every single ingredient in REBELLION products has been demonstrated in peer-reviewed, published scientific research.

Furthermore, every ingredient is dosed according to this research to ensure maximum effectiveness.
What this means for you is REBELLION products actually deliver the benefits we promise. There is no "leap of faith" and you don’t have to cross your fingers and "hope for the best."
Are you ready to have the...
REBELLION puts your workouts on OVERDRIVE with a smooth, steady flow of energy, an intense zone of "LIMITLESS" mental focus, and unbelievable muscle transformation, increasing muscle size, strength, 'visual power', with fire hose vascularity that hushes the room like a SWAT TEAM that just got the green light!
  • BEST PRE-WORKOUT FOR EXPLOSIVE ENERGY. Increases performance and intensity with sugar-free, no-crash, high energy output!
  • AMPLIFIED PUMP, PERFORMANCE, POWER & ENDURANCE FOR BUILDING MUSCLE. Max out workouts and build muscle faster than ever!
  • IMMEDIATE INCREASES IN STRENGTH & POWER, LASER SHARP FOCUS, & SLEEVE-SPLITTING PUMPS. Build More Muscle, Bang Out More Reps, Push More Weight, and Say Goodbye To Fatigue.
  • BEST TASTING PRE-WORKOUT ON EARTH! Amazing flavor and mix-ability.
  • GREAT FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN. Does not contain anything illegal  (It just FEELS that way!). Users report NO side-effects.
  • BLAST INTENSITY FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Burn more fat with every workout and get ripped - FAST!
  • MADE IN THE USA. Produced in a GMP-certified facility to ensure quality and potency. You don't skimp on your workouts, and we don't skimp on our ingredients - RESULTS GUARANTEED!
  • NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS. 6 grams of Citrulline Malate, 3 grams of Beta-Alanine, 1.5 grams of Betaine, 3 grams of Creatine. 300 milligrams of Caffeine.
REBELLION is a powerful, pre-workout energy drink. Scientifically formulated to deliver sustained energy, power, endurance, and pumps for the entire duration of your workout. It mixes easy and tastes AWESOME!
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The "Miracle" Ingredients:
All Ingredients Are 100% Potent, Made and Tested in the USA
Citrulline Malate
Citrulline malate is the amino acid citrulline bound with malic acid. Research shows that supplementation with citrulline improves muscle endurance, relieves muscle soreness, and improves aerobic performance.
Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that limits the amount of carnosine, a dipeptide, stored in the muscles. Research shows that supplementation with beta-alanine reduces exercise-induced fatigue, improves anaerobic exercise capacity, and increases potential workload, which can help you build more muscle.
Betaine supplementation has been suggested to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels and regulate cellular fluid volume, which could further promote muscle pumps and overall muscle size.*
Betaine supplementation has been suggested in clinical studies to improve muscle strength and power production, increase the number of reps done with a given weight, and improve endurance. Betaine has also been suggested to significantly increase protein synthesis following workouts as compared to a placebo.*
We don’t include caffeine just for the energy boost, research shows that supplementation with caffeine also increases muscle endurance, strength, AND fat loss.
Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine is a substance found naturally in the body and in foods like red meat and is the subject of over 200 clinical studies. Research shows that supplementation with creatine helps build muscle and improve strength, improves anaerobic endurance, reduces muscle damage and soreness from exercise, increases the amount of glycogen your muscles can store, and helps preserve lean mass and strength while restricting calories.
Black Pepper Extract 
Numerous clinical studies suggest that when a 5 mg dose of Black Pepper Extract  is taken with other supplements, it increases the absorption of those supplements by 30 to 2,000 percent!!! This means  that all the other integrates will work even better to help you make EVEN MORE GAINS!
Get ready to ...
Nothing in life comes easy. You have to FIGHT for everything you want - and there are always outside forces in the way, attempting to distract you and deplete your energy. But you my friend are a Warrior! A true warrior REBELS against all opposition and allows nothing to stand in the way of victory. 
REBELLION Pre-Workout will lead you to your victory.
The secret is a potent, time tested combination of ingredients including creatine, beta alanine, citruline, betaine, caffeine, and black pepper extract. Each individual is a powerhouse. When combined into one high voltage pre-workout system, they give you the explosive energy, earth shaking power, relentless vigor, and the necessary endurance to help you finally build that rock solid super-hero body you desire.


We don’t just want to sell you pills and powders, we want to help you achieve your fitness goals.
We stand by our products with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 90 days and if we can’t resolve it for you, we’ll give you a full refund.
What People Are Saying:
Real Results from Our Satisfied Clients
Blast through your training with more energy, endurance, strength, and focus than ever before! 
When it comes to achieving your fullest potential in the gym, when only the best workouts will do, you need to bring a complete package to the table. 

That package consists not only of the body, but the mind. The mind is, after all, man's most powerful weapon. If you're thinking is sharp and you are focused on the task at hand, you can't be stopped!

 REBELLION sharpens the mind and energizes the body for a potent 1-2 combo. Overcoming lethargy, breaking through plateaus, and smashing PRs – this is the purpose of "REBELLION EXPLOSIVE PRE-WORKOUT ENERGY SYSTEM"
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